Kystkulturuka is based on voluntary work. Everything from marketing to rigging the concert are done by volunteers. As the festival is growing, the need for more volunteers is increasing. The work as a volunteer gives you the opportunity to work with many nice and skilled people. As a volunteer you are able to give wishes of which dates and times you want to work, so that you can have free-time to experience the festival. Your wishes will be fulfilled as best as possible. Please click the photos below for more information about the different types of work.


The work as a technician at Kystkulturuka is very versatile. The job includes rigging up and down the stages, like stage truss, audio and lighting. It also includes transport of equipment and controlling of audio and lighting. So, if you are interested in audio and light, this could be a good opportunity to learn from qualified personell.


The work in sales department gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting and nice people. You might also get the opportunity to experience concerts while working. The work includes sales of food and drinks at different places at the area, sales of tickets, and also sales in miscellaneous booths.


This work is mostly done prior to the festival and is very interesting. It includes sponsor acquisition, giving the festival publicity in different ways. This includes social media, online and offline advertisement as well as flyers and posters. It is a job within many fields, and you can specify which fields you are eager to take part in.


As a growing festival, theres is also a need for personell to take more responsibility, therefor it is possible to apply for a position in the board. This includes overall planning of the festival, hiring artists, area distribution, economics etc.



If you are interested in any of the above, please click here!